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Be Ready January 24, 2012

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Please read early on topic “Formula and functions”  before you having class next Monday, 30 January 2012.


Quick Reminder! January 23, 2012

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Hello students,

I would like to remind to those students who haven’t done their HOMEWORK to be kindly active.  I want you to complete it before our class on 30 January 2012.

So far, I ONLY ACCEPT homework from:

  1. Nurnaqiqah
  2. Amirul Adiq
  3. Norafazirah
  4. Wusalim
  5. Nurazirah
  6. Mohammad Iman
  7. Chien Yin
  8. Jin Ming
  9. Joane
  10. Nabillah.

The question is: “Where are the other 7 students?”

Please take action seriously or otherwise you will score ZERO marks.  I am kindly enough to give you time and NOW it’s almost been a week.  I will keep waiting until 28 January 2012, so do it quickly…I need your action by NOW!


Homework for Week 2 January 15, 2012

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This homework MUST be FINISHED by THURSDAY, 19 JANUARY 2012


Answer the questions by indicating the “question number”


Q1. What is spreadsheet?

Q2. Give 2 examples of spreadsheet package

Q3. Columns are …………… (horizontal/vertical) and named with letters, like A, B, C and D.

Q4. Rows are …………… (horizontal/vertical) and named with numbers, like 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Q5. In the following diagram, the cell reference shows that it is at A1.  A1 is the space where …………………………… meets …………………………………..

Q6. (a) What is the cell address shown?

(b) How do you make sure if you have got the correct cell?

Q7. What is the range of the highlighted cells shown below?

(a) E11:G11   (b) E11:G12    (c) E12:G11    (d) E11:12G


Q8. Answer TRUE or FALSE for each statement

(a) Rows are vertical and named with letters.

(b) 5A is an example of a cell address.

(c) Spreadsheets can be used to calculate test results.

*For the FALSE statement, rewrite them  correctly by changing one word.


Q9.  To calculate companies profit or loss, which type of application should be used?

(a) Desktop Publishing     (b) Database      (c) Spreadsheet    (d) Word Processing


Q10.  The cell reference for the shaded cell is

(a) B:2           (b) 2:B            (c) B2               (d) 2B


Q11. What is the name of the cell in column G & row 20?

(a)  0G20     (b) 20G        (c) G20       (d) 20Go


Q12. A way to put DATA in order

(a) Sort       (b) Ascending        (c) Pattern     (d) Average


Q13. Sorting in alphabetical order A-Z

(a) Average      (b) Pattern       (c) Sort        (d) Ascending


Q14. Which toolbar icon is used to merge cells?

(a)          (b)           (c)                (d)


Q15.  One box in a Spreadsheet.  The place where a row and a column intersect.

(a) cell      (b) column        (c) row        (d) alignment


Q16. Setting up cell so writing is at top, bottom, center, left, or right side of the cell.

(a) cell      (b) column        (c) row        (d) alignment


Q17. A button on the tool bar that automatically adds up numbers.

(a)          (b)           (c)                (d)


Q18.  What is a cell?


Q19. What do you understand by the cell B5?


Q20. What is a range?  Give one example of a range.




Spreadsheet Notes January 13, 2012

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Have a READ and carefully UNDERSTAND all the contents… You might need this note to guide you in answering questions given by your teacher.

Just leave a question by pressing “Leave a Comment” IF you have any doubt.


Let’s RECAP on Week 1’s Topic

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1st week of your class, you have learned Introduction to Spreadsheets and Working with Sheet tabs.

Now, lets play the quiz by going to these Link… 😀

Easy Spreadsheet

Ok Cells Games



How to do your online homework? January 9, 2012

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If I post a new homework, you answer it by clicking this link:

and then leave your answer in the comment box stated “Enter your comment here……”

Once you completed the answer, fill in your details by typing in your “SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS” and “YOUR NAME” (Real name please……).  And then press POST COMMENT.


Video on Basic Excel 2007 January 8, 2012

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Enjoy watching the video