The purpose of this site is for my teaching aids in Computer Studies as well as ICT subjects

Welcoming Year 8F, 2012 January 8, 2012

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Hiiiii Year 8F students,

I hope you will make use of this blog to contact me if you have anything to ask regarding  on the topics learned.  If ypu have difficulties, don’t feel shy to ask me.

Please do always update yourself by visiting this blog.  I will update the information and upload videos for upgrading your knowledge.  =D

I also may give homework via this blog, so please……do keep yourself active!! hehehe if you do not have Internet connection at home, I believe you could do it via your handphone, right??? 😀  so no reason that you could not do it, as I am only available on Monday.  MARKS??? Yesss!!You would score MARKS if you being nice to do homework given!!

Study hard, and do listening to your teacher… Have a nice day! great evening!!


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