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Spreadsheet Notes January 13, 2012

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Have a READ and carefully UNDERSTAND all the contents… You might need this note to guide you in answering questions given by your teacher.

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  1. Nurazirah Binti Ismail Says:

    Q1-spreadsheet is an application that allows the user to enter numbers and text into a table. Q2-microsoft excel and lotus 1-2-3. Q3-horizontal. Q4-vertical. Q5-column A meets row 1. Q6-a)B1. b)because every cell has its own address. Q7-b)E11:G12. Q8-a)false-rows are vertical and named with numbers. b)false-A5 is an example of a cell address. c)true. Q9-c)spreadsheet. Q10-c)B2. Q11-c)G20. Q12-a)sort. Q13-d)ascending. Q14-(a). Q15-a)cell. Q16-d)alignment. Q17-(c). Q18-cell contains data,information and formulae.each cell has an address. Q19-the cell B5 is an address for the cell that we click. Q2O-range is cells that being counted e.g. B3:D4.

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