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Quick Reminder! January 23, 2012

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Hello students,

I would like to remind to those students who haven’t done their HOMEWORK to be kindly active.  I want you to complete it before our class on 30 January 2012.

So far, I ONLY ACCEPT homework from:

  1. Nurnaqiqah
  2. Amirul Adiq
  3. Norafazirah
  4. Wusalim
  5. Nurazirah
  6. Mohammad Iman
  7. Chien Yin
  8. Jin Ming
  9. Joane
  10. Nabillah.

The question is: “Where are the other 7 students?”

Please take action seriously or otherwise you will score ZERO marks.  I am kindly enough to give you time and NOW it’s almost been a week.  I will keep waiting until 28 January 2012, so do it quickly…I need your action by NOW!


One Response to “Quick Reminder!”

  1. Homework received from:
    1. Nurmajidah
    2.Muhd Faris
    4. Joanishah
    5. Ezzul

    I didn’t receive from:
    1.Zulzamirul Zambreen
    2.Mohammad Hazwan

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