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With regards to Homework for Week 6 February 17, 2012

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For you to be aware of

I have received answer via BLOG from:

  1. Joanishah
  2. Chien Jin Ming
  3. Zulzamirul Zambreen
  4. Ammirul Adiq
  5. Chien Yin
  6. Joane
  7. Norafazirah
  8. Nurul Nabillah
  9. Md Iman
  10. Nurnaqiqah
  11. Muhd Faris
  12. Nurmajidah Hazirah 
  13. Nurazirah
  14. Wusalim (Received on 20 Feb)

I only received EXCEL FILE via E-MAIL from:

  1. Ammirul Adiq
  2. Nurul Nabillah
  3. Md Iman
  4. Nurnaqiqah
  5. Muhd Faris
  6. Chien Jin Ming
  7. Chien Yin
  8. Norafazirah

So to those who haven’t post their work on blog OR send it via e-mail, please do so!! Your COOPERATION is very needed… INDEED!!

I remind you once again, TODAY IS THE



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